STAX3D Studio

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Have you always wanted a mini-me? Maybe to live your life in tiny form or just to admire yourself through the day? Or maybe you have a more noble reason like capturing a moment in time and celebrating those special people and times that you can hold onto forever, literally. Capture that special moment, or special someone, in a one of a kind piece.

Our 3D photogrammetry studio develops high resolution 3D imagery that will capture a lifetime of memories. Once the memories are captured our talented 3D graphic artists render the 3D image and provide a 3D printable output that will then be used to produce 3D figurines using our state of the art color 3D printer.

THE BOOTH: Our 3D photogrammetry studios* consists of a quantity of 50 high resolution cameras and 3 high powered optima projectors. We have developed a process to take the images and simultaneously in order to capture an instantaneous images and utilize our software to “stitch” the images together into a high resolutions 3D model.

THE PRINTING: Our 3D Systems PROJet 660 provides high quality, full color prints that can be produced right in our showroom. It utilizes full color CMYK ink jet technology in combination with a binder that prints on layers of Gypsum. The end product is a 3D printed figurine.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT: All of our figurines are finished with a bonding process that is specially design and developed by STAX3D called our STAXCoat. This process creates a surface that makes the end product more durable and long lasting.

The proposal…recreate that bended knee moment for your children and grandchildren to see in the future.

Graduation…full cap and gown never looked so good. Celebrate the moment you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Marriage…no longer the pre-made couple that doesn’t accurately re-flect your love on your special day, now your cake topper can be a 3D image of you and your future spouse.

First Day of School…capture the moment when the backpack is al-most the same size as your kiddo (they grow so fast.)

Furry/Feathered Friends…we’d love to have them in our lives forever but their time is fleeting. Capture them as you will always remember them.

Sports…whether it’s your first team or the championship season, remember it just as it was, uniform (with grass stains) and all!

Set up an appointment and we will do a full body scan, process your image, and it will be back to you typically within 2 weeks.

Date (Please select a date & time(s) Monday-Friday and we will contact you to confirm.)

Monday - Saturday


How it works

1 Put on your favorite clothes, costume, jersey…you name it. Black is the hardest color to scan so we suggest color and patterns for best results.

2Step into our STAX3D Studio Full Body Scan booth and 1,2,3, “click”!-It’s just that easy.

3We take your 50 images, convert them into a 3D rendered object and have our artists perform final touch up’s.

4Send it off to our full color ProJet 660 printer.

5Box it up, and hand it over to you.


Initial Capture

1:18 ratio (approx. 3.8″)………………………………………………………….

1:12 ratio (approx. 5.8″)………………………………………………………….

1:10 ratio (approx. 7.0″)………………………………………………………….





*If you have large groups or would like a print up to 1:5 (15") available upon request

Some commonly asked questions….

Q: How should I pose for my image capture?

A: Our carefully calibrated array of cameras “capture” a cylinder shaped area one meter across by two meters high (a little more than three feet across by a little over 6 feet high). Almost any pose you want to strike inside that virtual space is alright – be creative and have fun! We will take several shots and you can choose the one you like the best. Try to think in 3-D – what would make this interesting on a coffee table looked at from all sides rather than just on a shelf. Please keep in mind that details like fine strands of hair or spread fingers may not print well or might break off the print too easily.

Q: What are the Stax 3D Studio Full Body Scans made of?

A: The replicas are printed with the world’s most sophisticated multi-color 3D printing technology. They are made of a high performance coated composite of gypsum powder, coloring and a glue-like binder material.

Q: Are they fragile?

A: Think of the photo-realistic, full color statue as a work of porcelain art you want to treat carefully. Your Stax 3D Full Body Scan has been treated with a special coating to protect it and keep it healthy for a long time. However, thin parts like ears or fingers can be broken off if they fall. The surface or coloring can be harmed by water, high humidity, direct sunlight or heat over 140 F.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my Stax 3D Full Body Scan? A: Because we have an awesome printer in-house, we are the only company in the state able to turn your figurine around to you within days! Q: Can I have my Stax 3D Full Body Scan re-printed in the future?

A: Certainly! We have developed our own private, secure server to hold images en mass to protect your privacy. We are able to pull those up anytime for re-printing.