How STAX3D Helped This Tailless Alligator Get His Swagger Back

Dec 19 2018 by staxadmin

A tailless alligator was brought to the Phoenix Herpetological Society in 2013 after being discovered in the back of a truck along with several other exotic animals. The team worked tirelessly with Midwestern University to fit 'Mr. Stubbs' for a prosthetic tail so he could move and swim properly. But it turned out to be a more difficult task than anticipated - a gator's buoyancy and center of mass are individualistic, and as the alligator aged, he outgrew his tail. That's when Justin Georgi, an associate professor of anatomy at Midwestern University reach out to STAX3D. Instead of building another prosthetic based on typical alligator's features, STAX3D used the Artec3D scanner to create a digital model of the tail for a custom fit. Because the medical team at Phoenix Herpetological Society wanted to create several prosthetics, STAX3D decided to 3D print the model, use it to make a mold, and cast several pieces. Today, Mr. Stubbs is thriving in his environment, and the STAX3D team continues to check in on his progress. Read the full story in National Geographic.