Here are a few questions we commonly get. However, if you don’t see an answer to yours here, please email us and we’ll write it down, think about it, have dinner to discuss it, and get back to you as soon as we come up with the best answer to solve it.

3D Modeling. Is it just for Rocket Scientists?

Nope. It used to be but has now become easier and easier for anyone to use. I happen to have a rocket scientist on hand to prove this theory…For example, jump onto the free site www.tinkercad.com and you can start 3D modeling in a matter of minutes (or seconds if you’re one of those “go-getter” types).


Stereolithography Apparatus. A cured resin system whereby a laser emits light that hardens the resin into a specific shape or design. There are a couple of different methods by which to accomplish this.


Fused Deposition Modeling. Thermoplastic wire is fed into a heating device which melts the plastic and extrudes it from a nozzle onto a build platform. It is then built up layer by layer (in STAX, see what we did there…)until you have your final product. ​

What is 3D printing? Really, it sounds crazy

Yes, we are moving into the age of Jetsons (we’re pretty sure this will become the historically referenced title for the era). Through FDM or SLA (the two most common) you can now produce items at home or work that you would have to have typically purchased or sent off to a production house.