Another unique characteristic of Stax3D is their community involvement and humanitarian efforts. Stax3D Printing serves as advocate and superhero to those in need of prosthetics, particularly prosthetic hands for youth with 70% or so loss of use. Additionally, they work closely with public libraries and public schools. This is their philanthropic calling and a special calling it is.

Charities we LOVE!

e-Nablee-NABLE | Enabling the Future is a global network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the world a helping hand.

Perhaps you feel the same – the world seems like an incredibly vast space filled with so many people, and sometimes many go unnoticed. Well, the 3D Mechanical Hand-Maker Movement inspired by 2 strangers, a prop maker from the USA and a carpenter from South Africa came together from a world apart to create a prosthetic hand device for a small child in South Africa. Isn’t that amazing? We thought so too, and it prompted our team to reach out and “lend a hand” of our own with support, genuine care and compassion for those in need.

This is one our own super heroes, Madison, proudly holding a finished prosthetic hand for certification by the incredible e-NABLE project. e-NABLE is one of our favorite non-profit organizations. Learn more about e-NABLE Enabling the Future.


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