STAX3D President Gives Lecture on 3D Printing, Scanning in Archaeology

Alisa Yocum gives lecture about technology and archaeology at Pueblo Grande Museum in February 2019.

Pueblo Grande Museum in partnership with Arizona SciTech is hosting a free lecture series called Technology in Archaeology: LASERS (Link. Archaeology, Science, Entertainment. Research. Scholarship.) every Friday in February. On February 15th, 2019, Alisa Yocum, President and Co-founder of STAX3D was the featured speaker during the 45-minute lunch-time lecture to share about how technology is used in archaeology practice and research.

Suite of 3D scanners available at STAX3D

As a full-service 3D technology company based in Gilbert, STAX3D is working to enhance museum exhibits by demonstrating how 3D printing objects can help researchers and preservationists. In 2017, STAX3D collaborated with the museum to bring to life an exhibit called Fragments. Visitors are invited to see how 3D-printed replica pottery shreds helped archaeologists piece together new ideas about the Hohokam.

Alisa Yocum giving a lecture at Pueblo Grande Museum

Alisa shared the story of how being an artist herself inspired the birth of STAX3D. She was attempting to ship one of her clay sculptures from Europe to the US and unfortunately, it broke during the process, inspiring her to find a way to transport and share her artwork in a different way. The Fourth Industrial Revolution allows her to do just that through 3D technologies.

Woman using Artec Eva to scan mummy in an archaeology lab.

Several examples of technology and archaeology were discussed such as the reconstruction of the face of Egytian Queen Nerfertiti. In fact, the very same scanner that the STAX3D team had used in the Fragments exhibit was used to recreate the 3,400-year old queen.

Discussing 3D scanning used to reconstruct mummy's face.

After the lecture, technical lead Michael Andrew demo-ed the technology STAX3D used to create artifact replicas for Pueblo Grande Museum: the Artec Spider Scanner. Attendees saw the Artec scanner’s ability to render complex geometry and the 3D rendering being created in real-time.

Real-time 3D rendering software used with the Artec Spider.

3D printed replica of ancient artifact.

This AZ Scitech Festival lecture series is sponsored in part by the Phoenix Chapter of the Arizona Archaeology Society, the Arizona Archaeological Council, and the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary.

Celebrate 19th annual Ancient Technology Day at Pueblo Grande Museum on March 9th from 9am to 3pm.

How STAX3D Helped This Tailless Alligator Get His Swagger Back

A tailless alligator was brought to the Phoenix Herpetological Society in 2013 after being discovered in the back of a truck along with several other exotic animals. The team worked tirelessly with Midwestern University to fit ‘Mr. Stubbs’ for a prosthetic tail so he could move and swim properly. But it turned out to be a more difficult task than anticipated – a gator’s buoyancy and center of mass are individualistic, and as the alligator aged, he outgrew his tail. That’s when Justin Georgi, an associate professor of anatomy at Midwestern University reach out to STAX3D.

Instead of building another prosthetic based on typical alligator’s features, STAX3D used the Artec3D scanner to create a digital model of the tail for a custom fit. Because the medical team at Phoenix Herpetological Society wanted to create several prosthetics, STAX3D decided to 3D print the model, use it to make a mold, and cast several pieces.

Today, Mr. Stubbs is thriving in his environment, and the STAX3D team continues to check in on his progress.

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Gilbert Woman Magazine

The December issue of Gilbert Woman Magazine featured a story about our co-owner Alisa Yocum and her vision for STAX3D. Read the story here on pages 28-30. Congratulations Alisa, you’re OUR Gilbert Woman! Smart girls rule. #dream #design #deliver #STAX3D

Additive Manufacturing Envisiontec

If you attended AMCON 2017 and stopped by the STAX3D booth, chances are you got to experience the new Envisiontec. Our STAX3D team will also be attending Rapid + TCT in Pittsburgh on May 9-11 where they’ll be featuring Additive Manufacturing – join us!