STAX3D is an exciting full-service 3D technology solutions company. Gilbert, AZ is home to our Business Center and we also have two retail spaces located at Chandler Fashion Center. We specialize in delivering precision 3D solutions in the form of 3D printing, design, scanning, augmented & virtual reality. We work with clients nationwide representing diverse industries. Commercially, our main focus is manufacturing, aerospace, medical and engineering. Our vision for the company is quite simple. STAX3D Utilizes emerging technologies to innovate a pathway from your dreams to your reality; Dream, Design, Deliver. The future is here and STAX3D is poised and positioned as Arizona's industry leader. As the only company of its kind in the state and only one of a handful in the country, we welcome you to the future! What do you get when you cross an aerospace engineer and an artist? STAX3D . We found that while working together, our projects combined the precision of an engineer with the (cough, cough) "creativeness" of an artist and that 3D technology beautifully captured the left and right brain into one giant tool capable of handling unique, accurate methods of design and development.

Jason Yocum is the CEO of STAX3D. He brings with him almost 20-years experience in the field of aerospace engineering and is an expert in 3D modeling. Among many of his professional accomplishments such as helping to test and launch the Google Earth satellite, he has led and directed aerospace programs with assets over $130mil and managed multiple teams scattered internationally. He works in the community to bring engineering to Junior High and High School students, encouraging them to consider a STEM subject for a profession. He very much believes in paying it forward and helping to shape not only students but young professional engineers, or anyone with a thirst for knowledge into productive, motivated members of society. He believes that any goal is worth aiming for if you do it with conviction, passion and integrity.
Alisa & Jason Yocum, Co-founders
Alisa Yocum is the President of STAX3D. As co-founder of the International Sculptors Society, Alisa is dedicated to utilizing art to bring revenue to the patron while providing environmental solutions. She has worked on projects for reef regeneration and has had the privilege of working with environmental champions such as Celine Cousteau, Jason De Caires Taylor and even the Prince of Monaco. With a degree in International Affairs and master's work in Non-Profit Studies, Alisa has held the office of Commission Chair for her towns Arts Board and offers a unique perspective toward creative solutions that will be a guiding resource for artistic endeavors and business development.

Executive Team

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    Evan Gelfand

    Business Center Manager
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    Shawn Hardina

    Executive VP of Education
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    Alisa Yocum

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    Jason Yocum